1. Master Your Emotional Self
The Law of Irrationality
The Inner Athena
Step One: Recognize the Biases
Step Two: Beware the Inflaming Factors
Step Three: Strategies Toward Bringing Out the Rational Self

2. Transform Self-love into Empathy
The Law of Narcissism
The Narcissistic Spectrum
Examples of Narcissistic Types

3. See Through People’s Masks
The Law of Role-playing
The Second Language
Observational Skills
Decoding Keys
The Art of Impression Management

4. Determine the Strength of People’s Character
The Law of Compulsive Behavior
The Pattern
Character Signs
Toxic Types
The Superior Character

5. Become an Elusive Object of Desire
The Law of Covetousness
The Object of Desire
Strategies for Stimulating Desire
The Supreme Desire

6. Elevate Your Perspective
The Law of Shortsightedness
Moments of Madness
Four Signs of Shortsightedness and Strategies to Overcome Them
The Farsighted Human

7. Soften People’s Resistance by Confirming Their Self-opinion
The Law of Defensiveness
The Influence Game
Five Strategies for Becoming a Master Persuader
The Flexible Mind—Self-strategies

8. Change Your Circumstances by Changing Your Attitude
The Law of Self-sabotage
The Ultimate Freedom
The Constricted (Negative) Attitude
The Expansive (Positive) Attitude

9. Confront Your Dark Side
The Law of Repression
The Dark Side
Deciphering the Shadow: Contradictory Behavior
The Integrated Human

10. Beware the Fragile Ego
The Law of Envy
Fatal Friends
Signs of Envy
Envier Types
Envy Triggers
Beyond Envy

11. Know Your Limits
The Law of Grandiosity
The Success Delusion
The Grandiose Leader
Practical Grandiosity

12. Reconnect to the Masculine or Feminine Within You
The Law of Gender Rigidity
The Authentic Gender
Gender Projection—Types

The Original Man/Woman

13. Advance with a Sense of Purpose
The Law of Aimlessness
The Voice
Strategies for Developing a High Sense of Purpose
The Lure of False Purposes

14. Resist the Downward Pull of the Group
The Law of Conformity
An Experiment in Human Nature
The Court and Its Courtiers
The Reality Group

15. Make Them Want to Follow You
The Law of Fickleness
The Entitlement Curse
Strategies for Establishing Authority
The Inner Authority

16. See the Hostility Behind the Friendly Façade
The Law of Aggression
The Sophisticated Aggressor
The Source of Human Aggression
Passive Aggression—Its Strategies and How to Counter Them
Controlled Aggression

17. Seize the Historical Moment
The Law of Generational Myopia
The Rising Tide
The Generational Phenomenon
Generational Patterns
Strategies for Exploiting the Spirit of the Times
The Human Beyond Time and Death

18. Meditate on Our Common Mortality
The Law of Death Denial
The Bullet in the Side
A Philosophy of Life Through Death


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